Create a Clicks campaign

Follow this guide to create a mid-funnel traffic acquisition campaign, with the objective of generating clicks.

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Teads traffic acquisition is a mid-funnel solution for campaigns that are focused on Consideration with mid-funnel objectives.

Follow the steps below to create a Clicks campaign if your objective is to optimize your results around media efficiency metrics like click-through rate and cost per click.

  1. Log into, and ensure that you are in the correct seat at the top right corner. For more informations about seats, see here.

  2. Click the New Campaign button, located at the top right of the campaign list section.

  3. To begin creating your campaign, select Clicks objective and click Next.

  4. Enter the following information:

  • Campaign name

  • Advertiser

  • Budget

    • Added value, when applicable. For more information about Added value, see here.

  • Start & End dates

  • Optional: Frequency capping

5. Click Add Line on the bottom bar to create a new line item and fill in the information on the right:

  • Line name

  • Budget

  • Flight start & end dates

  • Pacing is set to Ahead by default

  • Optional: Frequency capping, ad scheduling (not recommended for Traffic Acquisition campaigns)

6. Add Creative(s) from the Creative tile or by clicking on Creatives at the bottom bar.

Note that Display and Video creatives cannot be assigned to the same line item.

Upload Single/Social Video, Single/Social Image, Carousel/Shoppable Carousel, MPU banner

See here on building the creative using Teads Creative Editor.

Upload a Third-party VAST tag

  1. Select VAST tag under Third Party Tag

  2. Input the following details:

    • Creative name

    • VAST tag URL (from Teads Studio)

      • The creative format & size are determined automatically for Creative Editor formats and cannot be changed. Other types of VAST/VPAID tags are not supported.

  3. Optional fields:

    • External code: to integrate with another reporting system.

    • Flight dates

    • Add additional tracking: use your ad server image pixel

      • Impression: tracks a viewable display ad on page load, when the slot is in view.

      • Billable event: tracks the billed clicks

      • Display viewability tag: DoubleVerify, IAS, ComScore, Custom

Upload a Javascript tag

Input the following details:

  • Creative name

  • Paste your Javascript tag

  • Optional: Add impression tracking, Billable events tracking

7. Set up Teads Click ID forwarding (only for advertisers using Teads Universal Pixel on their websites).

About Teads Click ID

You do not need to do anything to have this Teads Click ID forwarded if your creatives are set up to send Teads traffic directly to your website (Teads Ad Manager will take care of forwarding this parameter automatically). However, if your campaign uses a third-party click tracking platform like Google Campaign Manager (formerly DCM), Sizmek, or Adform, you must ensure that the Teads Click ID value is passed to those platforms as a custom parameter in the URL (named auctid), using the instructions provided below. For other click trackers providers, reach out to their support team to obtain their process documentation.

Ensuring the accurate forwarding of the Teads Click ID from the publisher's website, where your ad is displayed, to your website is essential for precise measurement and reporting of your campaign's performance.

When a user clicks on one of your ads running on the Teads publisher network, the Teads Pixel implemented on the advertiser website will search for the Teads Click ID (auctid) in the clickthrough URL. The Teads Click ID is a value that is stored within a Teads first-party cookie, and is instrumental for the accurate tracking of a user's activity on the advertiser's website, especially in cookie-less browsers like Safari.

Google Campaign Manager 360

To set up Teads Click ID forwarding using Google Campaign Manager click trackers:

  1. Click on your tracker URL (e.g.;dc_trk_aid=...)

  2. Copy the URL* that opens up in your browser. For this example, assume the landing page URL of your ad is

  3. Add this URL (which is your landing page URL) to the existing click tracker (make sure to add a question mark ? in between). Ensure that the Google click ID from the resolved URL has been removed.

  4. The resulting URL will look like this:;dc_trk_aid=...?

  5. Use this new URL as the click destination URL during the setup of your creatives in Teads Ads Manager.


  • Ensure that the Google click ID has been removed from the resolved URL (as it will be automatically generated by Google Campaign Manager with each new click).

  • If the landing page is updated mid-flight, the URL in the clickthrough field for the creative in Teads Creative Editor must also be updated.

  • For more advanced users of Campaign Manager 360, you can also use the %p macro as described here.


To set up Teads Click ID forwarding using Sizmek click trackers:

For this example, assume the landing page URL of your ad is

  1. Add the following parameter to your Sizmek URL in Teads Ad Manager: &LineID=$$[AUCTID]$$

  2. Configure your Sizmek campaign to use the [%tp_LineID%] token in your landing page URL

  3. Your landing page URL - set up in Sizmek - should look like this:[%tp_LineID%]

  4. Your Sizmek click tracker URL in Teads Ad Manager should look like this:[RND]&LineID=$$[AUCTID]$$

  5. Use the click tracker URL in the setup of your creatives in Teads Ads Manager


To set up Teads Click ID forwarding using Adform click trackers:

  1. Add the ;urlappend= parameter to the click tracker.

  2. Attach the auctid parameter manually

  3. You will end with a click URL that looks like this:;urlappend=&auctid=[AUCTID]

  4. Use this new URL in the setup of your creatives on Teads Ads Manager.

8. Select your targeting by clicking on Add Targeting on your line item.

About Smart targeting

Smart Targeting will help you maximize the performance of your Traffic Acquisition campaigns by offering the best combination of campaign scale and performance.

It is built to help you reach relevant audiences that are likely to drive outcomes.

This solution is now the default recommended Targeting setting for Traffic Acquisitions campaigns.

  • Smart Targeting leverages advanced predictive AI to automatically target relevant audiences that are likely to drive our customers’ preferred outcomes.

  • Smart Targeting audiences are limited to Location and Brand Safety. All other audiences are considered as Advanced options as they may impact campaign performance and scale.

About Advanced targeting

Under the advanced options button, you will still get access to all the others targeting features which are broken up into 3 sections: Audience, Inventory & Technology.

For more details regarding these 3 sections, please refer to the following articles:

9. Bidding information

  • Bidding strategy:

    • Standard bid strategy: Minimizing effective Cost Per Click (eCPC)

    • Advanced bid strategy: Reach target Click-Through rate (CTR)

    Follow the guide here to select the right bid strategy.

  • Choose a bid type for when you will get charged:

    • Impression (CPM)

    • Click (CPC)

  • Select your Auction type:

    • Dynamic: Your bid is the maximum price that you will pay. You deliver a larger number of outcomes at a better price.

    • Fixed: You pay exactly what you bid. You deliver a predictable number of outcomes, controlling pacing on outcomes & adserving costs.

  • Advanced options can be added by expanding the drop-down arrow:

    • You will be able to toggle the switch to turn on Incremental Traffic if you want Teads to only target users who have not visited your website in the last rolling 28 days.

    • Under Funnel Analytics, you will be able to implement the desired lookback window. The look-back window is the period of time after your ad is clicked or viewed within which a conversion can be attributed, or matched, to Teads.

      • Note: This only applies to secondary conversions and defaulted to Post-click 7/ Post-view 1.

      • The look-back window for the event View Content (Visits) remains unchanged at Post-click 1/ Post-view 0.

10. Click Save Draft at the bottom right bar if you are not done with editing your campaign details yet, or click Go Live to activate your campaign.

Caution: Once you click Go Live, your campaign and creatives will be reviewed and approved by Teads before they start delivering.

Bulk Edit

From the bottom bar of your edit campaign page, there is a Bulk Edit button. Clicking on it opens a pop-up page displaying existing Line Item details. From there, you can edit various line item fields:

  • Name

  • Status

  • Budget Type

  • Budget Amount

  • Flight Dates

  • Pacing

  • Bid Price

  • Frequency Cap

  • Optimization KPI

Click on Review and apply changes then make sure all changes are correct before clicking Apply changes. When you are back on the edit campaign screen click Update campaign to save everything.

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