Teads Audiences

Understand how Teads Audiences are curated and learn how to utilize them efficiently.

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Access over 300 audiences, engineered from Teads 1st, 2nd & 3rd party data. Tailored and tested to offer the best trade-off between reach and accuracy for each country. Teads Audiences simplify targeting by eliminating the need to search for appropriate segments. Our teams have already done this work, providing both scale and accuracy simultaneously.

Types of Audiences

Available across all markets, the audiences are grouped into 4 categories:

  • Socio-demographic: Target users based on their main socio-demographic attributes, such as Age, Gender, Education, Income, Parenting.

  • Interests: Target users with a strong affinity towards certain attributes, such as Interest in Auto, Fashion, Finance, Beauty.

  • Intent: Target users based on their purchase intent for specific products or services, such as Automotive Intent or Online Videos, Concerts & Shows.

  • Past Purchase: Target users based on their previous purchases/acquisitions of products or services, such as Premium Credit Card Owner.

How Teads Audiences are Curated

Teads ensures that our Data Team and team of engineers employ the appropriate data signals automatically behind the scenes.

For example, for an audience "18-24", depending on the market, we leverage various data providers. When delivering ads, we analyze the user's location to determine the appropriate mapping. The engine automatically selects the most reliable data providers to accurately determine the user's age, which we refer to as 'Geo-Optimization'.

Provider's Selection

For Age & Gender, we measure the accuracy of each data provider (in each market) against DAR & vCE.

For others, we select the data providers based on:

  • Market reputation

  • Methods of data collection & profiling (understanding how the data provider is collecting data, probabilistic vs deterministic methods)

  • Impacts on relevant media KPIs (e.g: CTR, site & store visits, conversions)

  • Correlation between data providers - we analyze the consistency across data providers used to craft the same audience.

Understanding Audience Targeting rules during set-up:

When selected in TAM, the Teads audiences are:

  • Used as a 'OR' in the targeting rule, when audiences are within the same sub-category (e.g: to select several age groups)

  • Used as a 'AND' in the targeting rule, when audiences are from the Sociodemographic category (e.g: age and gender)

  • Used as a 'OR' in the targeting rule, when audiences are from Interest, Intent OR Owners category

Example: Age in (18- 24) AND (Gender) AND (Interest) OR (Intent)

Note: When using Teads audiences along with custom audiences, the targeting rule is created with a ‘AND’ logic between, so it is important to make sure that you use audiences at the same time only when you want to cover different targeting needs at the same time (e.g: age and gender from audiences; and custom audience built for multiple interests).

Note: Teads Audiences are also available to use within a Custom Audience

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