Create a Teads Universal Pixel

Learn to create a Teads Universal Pixel that allows you to track visitor activity on your website.

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The Teads Universal Pixel is a JavaScript code snippet that enables you to track the activity of visitors on your website. By loading a compact library of functions, it provides the capability to track specific actions of interest whenever users navigate to your site.

In addition, the pixel allows you to enhance the effectiveness of your Traffic Acquisition campaigns and retarget audiences by leveraging data from website visits or actions.

Note: there should only be 1 Teads Universal Pixel implemented per domain.

To create a Teads Universal Pixel for your advertiser:

  1. Log in to your Teads Ads Manager seat

  2. Click On Events Manager in the top bar. The Events Manager section allows you to create Teads Universal Pixels for your advertisers, as well as create conversion events.

  3. Click on the button Create Pixel.

  4. Give your pixel a name, associate it with the relevant advertiser, and click Next.

  5. At this stage, you will encounter the code snippet for the pixel, which should be implemented on your advertiser's website according to the instructions here. Take note of the Teads pixel buyer ID, as it serves as the unique identifier for your pixel. If needed, you can also access the code snippet later by finding the pixel in the Events Manager and clicking More.

  6. The final step of the pixel setup is to configure the website actions that are valuable to your brand. Refer to this article for more information.

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