About Added Value budgets

This article will explain the prerequisites for Added Value budgets and how to monitor

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Prerequisites to enable Added Value budgets

Added value budget is free media budget offered to clients on behalf of Teads, and can be granted for various reasons, for example during seasonal commercial offers, or as part of clients' joint business partnerships with Teads.

Note: When Added Value budget is attributed to a campaign, the amount added will always need to be approved by Teads upon campaign activation, so ensure that any Added Value is pre-agreed with your Teads Commercial contacts ahead of going live

Caution: The Added Value Budget cannot be more than 50% of the Paid Budget value. There is no automatic threshold in place, so verify the AV budget does not exceed 50% of the paid budget.

Campaign Dashboard

In the Teads Ad Manager campaign dashboard, we show the added value budget that we have delivered. You can differentiate between the added value amount delivered with the metrics Budget delivered (it will show the added value amount delivered) and Budget spent amount (should be zero for added value lines).

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