Website Targeting

Learn how to choose website categories and effectively run campaigns across various website tiers using Teads Ad Manager.

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At Line Item > Targeting > Standard Targeting> Websites > You can include or exclude websites


  • No other websites from Teads inventory except the included ones will deliver.

  • A minimum of 20 websites is required to be included.

  • Websites that are not listed in Teads inventory will not deliver.

  • Creating a Sitelist

    1. To create a sitelist, start by navigating to the Data Management tab> Sitelists section found in the left column list.

    2. From there, click on New List on the top right.

    3. Enter your domain names.

    4. Click Next

    5. Name your Site list

    6. Click Save

Note: Sitelist can accommodate a maximum of 20,000 domains.

  • Targeting a Sitelist

    At Line item level > Targeting > Standard Targeting > Websites, you can choose to include or exclude your site list.

Website Category Targeting

You can filter websites based on the IAB category using the inclusion/exclusion option.

Below is the list of available categories :

  • Arts & Entertainment

  • Automotive

  • Business

  • Career

  • Education

  • Family & Parenting

  • Food & Drink

  • Health & Fitness

  • Hobbies & interests

  • Home & Garden

  • Illegal content

  • Law, Governement & Politics

  • News

  • Non-Standard Content

  • Personal Finance

  • Pets

  • Real Estate

  • Religion & Spirituality

  • Science

  • Shopping

  • Society

  • Sports

  • Style & Fashion

  • Technology & Computing

  • Travel

  • Uncategorized

For more informations, see Full IAB categories taxonomy.

Website Tier Targeting

You can filter websites based on their tier. Upon onboarding into Teads, every publisher is assigned a tier, after manual review from our Publisher team.

There are 3 categories of websites/publishers.

  • Premier Tier
    Globally recognized publisher brands.

  • Select Tier
    Premier including regional and verticalized publisher brands.

  • Reach Tier
    Full inventory access for optimal scale.

Note: If you wish to run your campaign across the entire Teads Marketplace, we strongly recommend keeping this option set to the default setting.

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