Technology Targeting

This article outlines the different technology targeting options for your campaign.

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The technology section within your campaign targeting allows you to target your campaign based on the following options:

  • Devices types

    Filter users based on their devices. With this option, you can include/exclude inventory coming from Mobile, Tablet, Desktop.

Note: By default, TAM selects the correct device depending on the creative type/size thanks to its creative scan*.

*The creative Scan is used to calculate the width and height of every ad and then block the creative that don’t fit their description.

  • Mobile devices

    Teads' Mobile Device targeting option allows you to target users based on their precise mobile model. For example, mobile brands could target device users of other brands or users of older device models.

    The following criteria is available to target:

    • Mobile Carrier - allows you to target by mobile service provider. E.g. you can target all smartphone users using T-Mobile etc...

    • Mobile Model - target by the model of a mobile e.g: Samsung S10)

    • Mobile Year - target by the year the device was released

    • Mobile Brand - target by brand e.g: Samsung, Huawei,…

    • Mobile Category - target by tier category of the device e.g: Premium or Low Cost devices

    Benefits of Mobile Device targeting:

    • The data is deterministic, meaning at the moment of the visit, we determine that a user is using a Samsung S8 for instance, thanks to information sent by the browser

    • It is cookieless by design, as we do not rely on any user identification

Note: For iPhone targeting: You can separately target users having following models : iPhones 3, 4, 5, 6, SE, 7, 8, 9 and X... But you must group iPhone models XR/XS/11/12 and related ones (eg: 11 pro) within the same line item. We can't identify them separately, in an accurate way, because of restrictions put in place by Apple.

  • Environment

    Ability to select between targeting:

    • All Inventory

    • Web: inventory displayed in browsers only

    • App: inventory displayed in apps only

  • Operating Systems

    Include or exclude an operating system. The operating system is determined by the user-agent.

Note: We suggest running across all operating systems during the initial setup phase. However, you can choose to exclude certain operating systems when optimizing the campaign later.

  • Browsers

    Include or exclude a browser. The browser is determined from the user-agent.

Note: We recommend running campaigns on all browsers for optimal performance. Although it's possible to exclude specific browsers like Safari for performance optimizations later, it is advisable to include all browser options during the initial setup phase.

  • Connection types

    Include or exclude by:

    • Connection Type: Target based on the connection type used e.g wifi, mobile or dialup.

    • Internet service provider: This allows you to target based on a specific ISP, restricting targeting to everything connected to a home internet (via ethernet or wifi) e.g. Verizon:

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