This section provides guidance on how to effectively apply geographic targeting to your TAM campaign.

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Filter users based on their location. Teads’ provider for geographic location data is Digital Element. They use IP addresses to determine the location of a device.

You can apply geo-targeting to your campaign by selecting one of the options listed under “Location”:

  1. "Include" or "Exclude" by geo-location

  2. Target by Country level, through State/Region, DMA/Metro Codes, County, City, all the way down to ZIP/Postcodes

Note: When you “Search” the name (or ZIP/postcode) of the location, ensure you select the correct option among the ones available from the list

Note: You can target up to 1000 ZIP/postcodes per line. If you need to bulk target multiple zip codes/postal codes, you can use the "Add postal codes in bulk" feature as seen below:

Adding Postal Codes in Bulk to your TAM Campaign:

  1. Navigate to the location targeting section under the targeting tile

  2. Once in the location targeting section, please see the Bulk button

  3. On the pop-up screen, select the country the zip/postal codes are in, then paste in the list of zip codes into the text box and click Submit

Note: After you submit the list, it will scan the zip/postal codes and will scan to ensure they are within the database, on the next screen you will have the option to "INCLUDE" or "EXCLUDE" the valid postal codes to apply to your campaign location targeting

4. Click on Update Campaign to save the changes.

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