Branding campaign FAQ

This section provides answers to the most commonly asked questions about Branding Campaigns

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I can't set a campaign live, what would be the cause?

There might be two reasons which happened quite often:

  • Creatives are not assigned to each line item.

  • The campaign is not set up correctly to activate the campaign.

In such cases, the first step is to review the setup and ensure that everything is accurately configured. If you are unable to identify any issues, please contact the TAM expert team via Teads Intercom for further assistance.

I have 40 Creatives to set up on the campaign... Can we bulk upload creatives instead of adding individually?

Indeed, you can utilize the Add in bulk feature from Creative Library to upload multiple creatives simultaneously. To accomplish this, you will need to complete the template provided and upload it to the creative library. You can drag and drop the .xlsx file or select it from your computer. It's important to note that this feature is exclusively available for the Branding Objective.

Can I on-board a brand's 1st party Audience and apply in Teads Ad Manager?

Teads Data expert needs to onboard them first and assign them to the given seat in order for you to utilize them when setting up a campaign. Contact Teads Intercom for assistance.

I didn't set up any site-list inventory with only geo-targeting, are we delivering on all the websites (run of network) in this case?

Indeed, when website targeting is not enabled, our delivery will encompass any websites associated with Teads, as long as the users are located in the geographic region you have selected. If your goal is to specifically target native users to a particular region, we recommend utilizing the Website language setup to ensure precise targeting of the desired audience. This approach helps you reach the right users based on their language preferences.

My campaign is under pacing, what would be the actions to be taken?

  1. Log into Teads Ad Manager > Select your campaign > Campaign dashboard > Click on Auction tab on the left bar

  2. If low bid response - Verify the targeting set up and see if you can loosen up.

    If low win rate, the bidding price might be too low for your targeting then increase the bidding price.

    For more information on Auction report, see here.

For an upcoming branding campaign, we have a KPI goal of VTR 70%. Should I set a minimum value KPI on the line item to secure the performance?

We don't recommend this as setting a minimum value for your KPI will filter out impressions that are unlikely to meet your desired KPI value.

If your KPI value is set too high, it may limit your line item from delivering. To address this, you have a few options:

  • Lower the KPI value,

  • Increase your bid, or

  • Relax your targeting restrictions

Our recommended best practice is to initially set the KPI goal without a minimum value. By allowing the campaign to run for a few days and gathering data on the selected KPI, you can gain insights to help determine a threshold that ensures campaign scalability without overly restricting it from the start.

Why is the eCPM today higher than my max rate?

On occasions where your line item is not delivering enough, we could bid higher than your maximum bid to win on more inventory. However, on average, the clearing price tends to be lower than your set maximum bid.

Why is my campaign not scaling as much as it should be?

Review your targeting settings to identify if any can be adjusted to increase scalability. Assess if you are losing out due to the maximum bid from Auction Report and consider increasing your bid if possible.

We have centralized reporting in one location. How can we integrate TAM reporting into that system?

Teads will need to establish an API integration with your centralized reporting dashboard.

For more information, see API section here.

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