Create a Branding Campaign

This is a guide on how to create a Branding Campaign

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About Campaign

A Campaign contains a set of line items that is related to the same advertising campaign. Campaign can contain frequency caps, pacing settings, agency fee, MOAT viewability tracking.

Create a Branding Campaign

Follow these steps to create a Branding Campaign in Teads Ads Manager.

  1. Log into and check that you are in the correct seat at the top right corner. For more informations about seat, see here.

  2. Click on New Campaign on the top right at Campaign list

  3. Select Branding objective

  4. Enter the following information:

    • Campaign Name

    • Advertiser

    • Budget

    • Added Value when applicable. For more information about Added Value, see here.

    • Start & End dates

    • Optional: Frequency capping, Dynamic Budget Allocation

You're now ready to add branding line item to this campaign:

Bulk Edit

From the bottom bar of your edit campaign page, there is a Bulk Edit button. Clicking on it opens a pop-up page displaying existing Line Item details. From there, you can edit various line item fields:

  • Name

  • Status

  • Budget Type

  • Budget Amount

  • Flight Dates

  • Pacing

  • Bid Price

  • Frequency Cap

  • Optimization KPI

Click on Review and apply changes then make sure all changes are correct before clicking Apply changes. When you are back on the edit campaign screen click Update campaign to save everything.

Delete and duplicate a campaign

  • Draft campaigns can be deleted, but not duplicated.

  • Campaigns that have been set up and clicked to Go Live will not be able to be deleted.

  • Campaigns whose status are Active, Pending or Completed will have the option to be duplicated.

To duplicate a campaign, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to your Campaign Tab where you can find the Campaign List view.

  2. On the right side of the Campaign List table, you will see a column named Flight

  3. Hover your cursor over the Flight date to reveal the Duplicate button option.

  4. Click on Duplicate & a window will pop up, prompting you to fill in the duplicated campaign details.

  5. You will have the option to edit the following details:

    • Campaign name

    • Total budget

    • Advertiser

    • Flight period

    • Timezone

    • Line Items:

      • Duplicate all lines: New line items are created for the duplicate campaign, having the same budgets, targeting and billing settings as the originals.

      • Discard lines. Start from scratch

    • Creatives:

      • Duplicate all creatives: New creative IDs are made and tracking pixels are copied from the originals. When duplicated, creatives added using a VAST tag will use the same VAST as the original one. For creatives made in TAM with Creative Editor, the new ones will duplicate the originals and any change made to the originals (e.g. replacing assets, changing texts) will not modify the duplicates. Duplicates will not have third-party wrappers if originals were wrapped. Creatives are assigned to lines, if the copy lines option was selected.

      • Discard creatives. Start from scratch

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