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Things to take into consideration to see success with your campaign optimizing the creatives:

  • Have multiple creatives assigned to the same line item to allow the Teads Buying Engine to select the best performing creative.

  • Enable automatic pool rate for the assigned creatives.

  • Best to have 2+ creatives attached to each line item.

  • Try to refrain from using creative flighting as this could lead to human error.

  • Have multiple iterations of the creative and not just multiple creatives (same design) with different tags.

  • Utilize the creative editor (for social on branding) for quick activation.

  • Ensure all creatives meet the Heavy Ads Intervention criteria so they can deliver across chrome and edge browsers. If you see an alert on your campaign, please reach out to Teads via Intercom to get suggestions on how to resolve HAI issues.

  • If you have many 3rd party VAST tags, for ease of implementation, use the bulk creative upload tool.

  • Avoid any special characters (& %, etc) in the creative file/title name (that can block the creative).

  • If you have a Teads Studio VAST, please check before uploading it to TAM in order to confirm the format. Do not upload a display format in the video field. Metrics and billable events can affect your campaign.

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