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Introduction to Heavy Ads Intervention
Introduction to Heavy Ads Intervention

This article provides an overview of what Heavy Ads Intervention is

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Introduction to Heavy Ad Intervention

Google's Heavy Ad Intervention (HAI) is a feature on Chromium (Chrome + Edge) that blocks heavy advertisements in order to save the data usage and battery life of users.

An ad is deemed heavy when there is no user interaction (click) on the creative and:

  • The elements within an ad utilise > 4MB of network data.

  • The ad requires too much calculation resources:

    • More than 15 seconds in any 30 second period

    • More than 60 seconds of total CPU usage

This applies to outstream & display ads on the open-web, from all vendors.

HAI blocks ads that exceed the following thresholds:

  • HAI Network Error: Ads that use more than 4MB of network data. This 4MB limit includes the sum of all individual assets, such as videos, images, and scripts.

  • HAI CPU Error: Ads that have CPU usage above 15 seconds in any 30-second period or 60-seconds in total.

How to comply with Heavy Ad Intervention

Ensuring compliance with HAI's threshold limits is essential to avoid ads being blocked by HAI in Chrome/Edge browsers.

To ensure that your ads comply with HAI's threshold limits, Teads recommends the following measures:

  • Upload raw assets (video and images) directly onto Teads Ads Manager Creative Editor, which will automatically optimize the creative for HAI.

  • Use Teads Studio Creatives as these have already been validated for HAI Network issues by Teads Designers.

  • If you need to wrap Teads Studio creative within a 3rd party tag (for ad verification), send the tag to Teads for testing first.

  • If you are using a 3rd Party Creative Editor, test the ad with the support of your 3rd Party Creative Editor contact.

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