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Heavy Ads Intervention Troubleshooting & FAQ
Heavy Ads Intervention Troubleshooting & FAQ

This article will go through how you can fix creatives flagged for HAI as well as some common questions on it.

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Teads Ads Manager Heavy Ads Intervention (HAI) alerts

How to identify creative(s) that requires to be fixed:

  1. On your campaign dashboard, once your campaign is set live and scanned by our ad scan technology, you may see an alert beside your campaign that says: Limited Delivery. Your campaign has a creative likely to be blocked by Chrome Heavy Ad Intervention.

  2. Click into the campaign and navigate to the Creatives tab to identify the creative that is being flagged by HAI. In order not to trigger HAI errors to live users, Teads automatically blocks the delivery on Chrome and Edge for every creative flagged above 4MB.

How you can get the flagged creative fixed:

If your creative is built by Teads Studio

You need not be concerned about Heavy Ad Intervention caused by network bandwidth if your video(s) are under 30 seconds, as our Teads Studio designers will ensure that they are optimized and kept within the acceptable weight limit of less than 4MB.

If you encounter this issue, contact your Teads representative for assistance.

If your creative is built using Teads' Creative Editor

Creative Editor is responsible for optimizing the uploaded videos and images, to ensure that the resulting ads created using this tool are free from issues related to Heavy Ad Interventions. However, in case you are facing problems even when using videos shorter than 30 seconds, you can attempt to manually reduce the size of your assets to keep the overall creative weight below 4MB. Afterward, upload them again onto Teads Ad Manager.

If you continue to experience issues, contact Teads via Intercom or email for further assistance.

If your creative is built using a 3rd party Creative Editor

If you are using a 3rd Party Creative Editor for your creatives, Teads will not have the technical access to fix that for you.

You could consider manually optimizing the size of your assets to ensure that the overall creative weight remains under 4MB.

We suggest that you contact your 3rd Party Creative Editor provider (such as Celtra, Innovid, Google Creative, etc.) for validation and support.

Frequently asked questions on HAI

Will i be able to run a video creative that is longer than 30 seconds?

Yes you are able to run a video that is longer than 30 seconds as it should not trigger HAI network issues if it is smaller than 4MB - in its original or compressed version.

However, if it is bigger than 4MB, it can also still be delivered outside of Chrome and Edge browsers.

Do share the video with your Teads representative or Creative ID via Teads Intercom & we can help to verify for you.

Can I test VAST/VPAID tags beforehand to prevent any delay in launching my campaign on Teads?

For Teads Studio Creatives, our Teads Designers have already assessed them for any HAI Network concerns. If you need to wrap the Teads Studio creative within a 3rd party tag, such as for ad verification purposes, please forward it to us after wrapping and we will conduct further testing.

For 3rd party creatives, the ad will need to be checked by the 3rd party creative editor used.

If Teads Studio needs to rectify the creatives that I am utilizing, what would be the expected duration for the turnaround?

If only the size, resolution, and bitrates of your assets (videos or images) require modification to reduce their network size, the changes will be done during the creation process. However, if it concerns more of a design issue, we will engage you in a discussion during the design process.

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