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Build Creatives with Teads Studio
Build Creatives with Teads Studio

This article will guide you on how you can build your Teads Studio creatives in Teads Ads Manager.

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In this guide, you will find the steps needed to build creatives via Teads Studio.

  1. Reach out to your Teads Sales person with all the necessary campaign information:

    • Campaign budget

    • Campaign flight dates

    • Campaign objective (Branding or Traffic Acquisition)

    • Creative format to run (Video or Viewable display)

      • Video formats:

        • Video end card (Landscape, Square)

        • Video overlay (Landscape)

        • Video Skin (Landscape, Square, Vertical)

        • Video Vertical Scroller (Vertical)

        • Video Shoppable (Landscape, Square)

      • Viewable Display formats:

        • Scroller (Landscape, Square, Vertical)

        • Carousel (Landscape, Square)

        • Flow (Landscape, Square)

        • Cinemagraph (Landscape, Square)

    • Number of units required

    • Provide the raw files/creative assets required to your Teads representative.

      1. For Teads Studio format requirements, please refer to the specifications sheet here.

  2. Teads Studio team will inform you on the turnaround time required for them to return with a preview link of your creative(s).

    • You may request for up to 2 revisions for each creative.

    • If additional revisions are required, you will be subjected to a fee. Please reach out to your Teads representative for more information on this.

  3. Once the creative has been confirmed & approved, Teads Studio will pass back a Studio VAST tag to you. After which, you may follow the steps outlined in the articles below to implement them in your campaign:

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