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This article outlines how you can implement third party tracking in your campaign

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Using the Creative Editor, you can choose to add third-party tracking pixels to measure key events such as impressions and video starts. Additionally, for display creatives, you can include third-party tags to track viewability

Video tracking includes the following events

Third-party tracking events for Video creatives


Video start

tracks when a video ad begins playing & is in view

Billable event

tracks billed impressions based on your bidding mode

Video complete

triggered when the video has played to 100% of its length


  • First Quartile

  • Second Quartile

  • Third Quartile

  • 25% of video's length

  • 50% of video's length

  • 75% of video's length

  • Seconds

    • Progress 1

    • Progress 2

    • Progress 5

    • Progress 10

    • Progress 15

    • Progress 30

  • triggered at second 1

  • triggered at second 2.

  • triggered at second 5.

  • triggered at second 10.

  • triggered at second 15.

  • triggered at second 30.

Measure viewability for video

In order to measure video viewability using a third-party provider such as Integral Ad Science or DoubleVerify, you will need to have your creative VAST URL wrapped by the provider prior to implementing it within the Creative Editor

  • When creating Social Videos within the Creative Editor, copy the Creative VAST tag URL from the editing interface. Next, wrap this URL with your viewability provider and then paste the resulting URL into the 'Wrapped VAST Tag URL' box within the Creative Editor

  • If you're using Teads Studio or third-party VAST tags to create videos, you can wrap the VAST tag with your viewability provider prior to implementing it in Teads Ads Manager. To do this, select the VAST Tag format within the Creative Library and then upload the wrapped VAST tag

Display creative tracking includes the following events

Third-party tracking events for Display creatives



Tracks a viewable display ad on page load, when the slot is in view

Billed event

Tracks the billed impressions based on your bidding mode.

Display viewability

To measure viewability of the ad.
Supported Providers: DoubleVerify, IAS, ComScore, Custom

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