Supported VAST/VPAID tags

This article outlines VAST/VPAID tags, third-party tags & wrapped VAST tags supported at Teads.

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This article goes through the various VAST/VPAID tags supported at Teads.

  • VAST/VPAID tags

    You have the option of using third-party VAST and/or VPAID tags from either Teads Studio (for Video & Display creatives) or a supported third-party ad server.

    We accept VAST 2.0, VAST 3.0, and VAST 4.0 ad tags from third-party ad servers, which enable us to fetch video assets and track customer engagement.

  • Third-party VAST/VPAID tags

    If running a third-party tag, we recommend using VAST 3.0 as it is the most advanced tag with complete tracking compatibility.

    Note that Teads does not support all VAST 4.0 custom tracking events.

  • Teads Studio VAST/VPAID tags

    We produce VPAID ad tags from Teads Studio, our creative asset builder, in order to incorporate interactive elements for both video and viewable display formats.

  • Wrapped VAST tags

    By using wrapped VAST tags, you can effectively monitor the viewability of your ads, prevent them from displaying on unsuitable content, and integrate your ad server information for better tracking and reporting of ad delivery and performance. This enables you to maintain consistent tracking and reporting for all campaigns you measure.

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