Monitoring campaign's performance & pacing

This guide outlines how you can keep track of your campaign's performance and pacing.

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After your campaign goes live, it is important to monitor its pacing and performance. There are several methods available for you to do this.

Campaign listing home page

When you log into, the first page you will see is the campaigns listing home page. This page provides an overview of all your campaigns, allowing you to track their pacing and performance.

  • Status

    • Active

    • Paused

    • Pending

    • Completed

    • Draft

  • Flight dates

    • Start & End dates

  • Spends pacing

    • Budget delivered

  • Performance pacing

    • Impressions served

    • Number of billable events reached

    • Campaign Forecast: This metric provides an estimation of the percentage of the budget that will be delivered by the end date based on the current pacing.

    • eCPM achieved

Campaign dashboard

To get an in-depth view of your campaign, select it from the campaign listing page to get redirected to the campaign dashboard.

  • Use the left menu to navigate between the following:

    • Budget

      • This section shows the total budget, budget spent, flight, billed impressions, clearing price.

    • Delivery

      • For Video creatives: Total starts, billed video starts, free video starts, video complete, completion rate on billed impressions, completion rate on all impressions.

      • For Display creatives: Total impressions, billed impressions, free impressions.

    • Clicks

      • This section shows: Clicks, CTR on all impressions, CTR on billed impressions.

    • Acquisition (For Traffic Acquisition campaigns only)

      • This section provides performance metrics:

        • Clicks, eCPC, Impressions, CTR, eCPM

    • Viewability

      • Viewability data is provided through our built-in integration with MOAT.

      • The available metrics depend on the creative type (Video or Display) and the buying model you are using. All the metrics are filtered based on the impressions for which you were charged, excluding free impressions.

    • Attention

      • For more information on Lumen attention tracking, see here.

    • Carbon Footprint

      • For more information on Carbon footprint measurement, see here.

    • Auction

      • This section offers a comprehensive view of the campaign's pacing and enables you to click into each line item for a deeper understanding of the entire funnel.

      • The graph shows your campaign's bid analysis to date.

      • Understand how your campaign is pacing & factors impacting delivery.

      • To learn how to troubleshoot your campaign, read this article here.

    • Traffic Control (For Traffic Acquisition campaigns only)

      • This section allows you to optimize your campaign directly by excluding or restoring certain website's delivery.

      • All line items will be shown here, and you can expand to see the performance metrics of each website domain: Impressions, CTR, eCPM, Clicks, eCPC.

      • If you want to change the status, you can toggle the on/off button.

      • By clicking on the 3 dots, you can also choose to either:

        • Pause website on all line items in the campaign or

        • Restore website delivery on all line items in the campaign

    • Summary

      • This section provides an overview of your campaign set up.

      • Clicking on each line item allows you to expand and view a line item summary, providing details about its setup and assigned creatives. Furthermore, clicking on the creative name will open a preview link for the creative.

    • Change history

      • In this section, you can review all the edits and modifications made to your campaign, organized by date, time, user, and the level at which the changes were made (campaign, line item, or creative).

      • For more information, refer to this article here.

  • Breakdown the data based on Line items, creatives, locations, websites, devices or days.

  • Change the report data by filtering the date range.

  • Visualize and compare any two metrics on the chart for a side-by-side view.

  • Filter based on line item status, buying mode, buying mode event, flight, creative category, or channel.

  • Use the search bar to find your line item.

Reporting dashboard

While not all metrics are accessible on the campaign dashboard, you can still retrieve the necessary data by generating a report from the Reports tab.

For more information on reporting metrics and dimensions, refer to this article.

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