Attention measurement in TAM with Lumen
Updated over a week ago

We are excited to announce the availability of attention measurement in TAM, powered by Lumen!

While viewability tells if an ad has the opportunity to be seen, attention aims to tell whether ads are actually viewed. As research has shown, attention is a better proxy than viewability to estimate brand outcomes. Attention metrics powered by Lumen, a leader in attention measurement, are now available for branding campaigns in Teads Ad Manager.

Key benefits and details

  • Apply attention measurement in one click on TAM branding campaigns.

  • Understand how campaigns perform on attention through new metrics: view rate, eyes-on dwell time and attentive seconds per 1000 impressions.

  • Identify the drivers of attention by analyzing metrics against different dimensions, including website, device and creatives.

Availability and activation

  • Available in most markets with some exceptions.

  • TAM users must complete a certification to get the feature activated on their seat

  • Applicable to branding campaigns on inRead web formats, video and display.

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