About the Audit Change Log

In this section, you will find a comprehensive overview of all the setup modifications made to your campaign.

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Change Log on Teads Ad Manager Campaign

Within each campaign, you can track all the modifications made throughout its duration. This tool provides valuable insights into when and by whom the changes were made. It serves as a reliable resource to identify the editors and review the impactful optimizations for future campaigns.

To access this information, navigate to the campaign page and click on the Change History tab located in the left menu.

The most recent changes are displayed at the top, and scrolling down reveals earlier revisions. The changes are categorized based on the time they occurred. You have the option to expand or collapse each group to view specific change details. Alternatively, you can click the "Expand All" button to view the entire history at once.

The system diligently records all changes made to the campaign, including:

  • Date of the change

  • User responsible for the change

  • Campaign budgets, flight dates, and pacing

  • Line item budgets, creative assignment, targeting, and bidding

  • Creative updates

Note: Both the new and old values are presented for each modification.

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