Create a CTV Video Line Item

This article will guide you on creating a CTV line item within your Branding campaign.

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To create a CTV line item, follow the Branding Campaign creation process here first.

In the campaign creation page, click on Add Line at the bottom left bar, and select CTV then:

  1. Input the following information:

    • Line item name

    • Budget

    • Start and end dates

    • Pacing (recommended to keep as Ahead)

    • Optional: Frequency capping, ad scheduling

  2. Create your creative by clicking on Creatives at the bottom left bar or by clicking on Add Creative on your line item

    • Select a video format: Video, or upload a third-party or Studio VAST tag with a video creative format.

    • For more information on creative formats that are compatible with CTV, see here.

  3. Select your targeting by clicking on Add Targeting on your line item

    • Select your targeting requirements from 2 sections: Audience & Inventory:

      • Audience targeting

        • Location

        • Teads audiences: age, gender

      • Inventory targeting:

        • Genres: Choose contexts based on the genre of the TV program.

          • Targeting app lists:

            • Option 1: Search an app list

            • Option 2: Click on App and search for your CTV app lists in the "Search App Lists" field and select the desired app lists

          • Targeting app category

            • Include or exclude apps based on their IAB category

          • Targeting app tier: Select apps based on their tier

          • Targeting app tier:

            • Premier Tier: globally recognized publisher brands.

            • Select Tier: premier including regional and verticalized publisher brands.

            • Reach Tier: full inventory access for optimal scale.

          • Targeting position:

            • Pre-roll: the ad runs before the content stream

            • Mid-roll: the ad runs during the content stream

            • Post-roll: the ad runs after the content steam

    • Click on Import Plan if you have previously created a plan on Planner

  4. Select your bidding strategy by clicking on the line item tile under Bidding

    • Choose CPM: you will be billed when the video has started playing

    • You can select the auction type to be either dynamic or fixed.

      • Dynamic: Your bid is the maximum price that you will pay. You deliver a larger number of outcomes at a better price.

      • Fixed: You pay exactly what you bid. You deliver a predictable number of outcomes, controlling pacing on outcomes & adserving costs.

  5. Once you have finished setting up all 4 tiles (budget, creative, targeting, bidding), click Save Draft at the bottom right bar if you are still editing your campaign details. Alternatively, click Go Live to activate your campaign.

Caution: Once you click Go Live, your campaign and creatives will be reviewed and approved by Teads before they can begin delivering.

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