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This is the fastest way to confirm that your pixels are firing properly.

We just released an update of our Teads Pixel Helper on the Chrome webstore.
If you dont have it yet, visit this page and install it
If you have it already, the update should be automatic and you dont need to do anything.

How to use it?

  1. Download the extension on Chrome : Teads Tracker Tool. The extension also works in incognito mode.

  2. Open an incognito mode window.

  3. Click the creative to drive to the landing page for the most accurate check.

  4. If the pixel is firing properly, you will see the following:

  • The type of pixel (Advertiser or Pixel) and it's ID

  • The type of pixel used on the domain (JS or Image)

    • The supported integration: Javascript
      Image and Javascript (containerized) integrations are not supported anymore.
      If you have to modify your pixel implementation please refers to this article.

  • The referer

  • The type of consent framework used, if any

  • pageView: This is your pixel firing!

  • It is important to test in incognito mode as you might have saved settings, such as consent preferences, that can change the way our pixel is fired.

How to populate the Teads Pixel Helper in Incognito mode?

  • Go to settings in Chrome (Chrome < Preferences), scroll to the bottom, and click Extensions:

  • Find the Teads Tracker Tool and click Details:

  • Toggle Allow in incognito:

What if my pixel is not firing?

Please check the following points.

  1. The pixel has been placed in the website Header

    1. If it is not possible to place the pixel in the website Header, you have the possibility to add it in the Body of all website pages (not recommended)

  2. Teads Pixel JavaScript code was entirely placed on the website.

    1. It's a common error to leave off part of the code

  3. If the website has been updated, check that the pixel hasn't been removed.

    1. It is common for the pixel to be removed in website updates.

    2. If you see campaign trend decreasing, double check that your pixel indicator on events manager is still firing.

  4. For deeper troubleshooting, feel free to contact us through Intercom.

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