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This article will show you how you can preview your creatives & mock up screenshots

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There are 2 places to generate a preview link for your creatives:

  • Within Campaign Editor

  • On Campaign dashboard summary

Campaign Editor

Within campaign editor, you can generate a preview link to test your creatives before setting your campaign live. Do note that the following is not available for Video uploads.

  1. Go to Campaign level > Creatives

  2. Hover your mouse over the creative and a button for 'Preview' will appear on the right side.

  3. Click on the 'Preview' button and it will open a new preview page where you will be able to view your creative in a demo environment.

Campaign dashboard summary

After you have set up your campaign and clicked on 'Go Live', you can also find the preview links to your creatives under your Campaign Dashboard Summary page.

  1. Go to > Campaign tab: Select your campaign > Summary

  2. Under Line item summary, you will see your line items in rows.

  3. Click on your line item to expand it to show all the line item details.

  4. You will see all the creative(s) assigned to the line item together here. Clicking on each creative name will lead you to a preview page where you will be able to view your creative in a demo environment.

How to mock up screenshots

The demo page has the following options:

  • Smartphone view by default.

  • Button to switch to Desktop View.

  • QR Code available to see the demo on device.

For display banners, preview links will show them in the default inRead placement. For 300x250, you can select a 300x250 demo page showing a right rail desktop placement.

In order to mock up screenshots, you can edit your demo link by changing the website that the creative is embedded in:

  • On the preview page, click on the Gear button to select the publisher, language, IAB category and creative position

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