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Optimizing your Campaign Scale

Daily Ad Opportunities:

As you start building your campaign and apply layers of targeting, you will notice that daily ad opportunities will start computing on the bottom right hand side of the targeting module. Use the daily ad opportunities as a window to your scale - the more targeting you apply, the fewer daily ad opportunities there will be and vice versa. If we deem that there is an insufficient enough daily ad opportunities given the applied targeting, a caution sign will appear as a precautionary warning indicating that there might not be enough scale and your line item will struggle to deliver.

Best Practices to Optimize for Scale

Avoid applying zip code and city targeting as much as possible. We recommend targeting Country, State, or DMA locations for large cities (such as New York City, Los Angeles, Miami etc.) To ensure you are targeting a DMA, the location will be accompanied with Metro as the geo type.

Ex) If applied New York [City] targeting, you will only be targeting Manhattan. To encompass all five boroughs that New York City has to offer, apply New York City [Metro].

New York City DMA

There are two strategies to target your audience through Teads Ad Manager: Contextual and Behavioral. For any of your contextual targeting needs, you can utilize Page topics via the Custom Audience module and Teads Contextual. For behavioral targeting, you can leverage your own First Party data, Teads Audiences, and Third Party DMP partners we offer via Custom Audience. To minimize running the risk of scale issues, make sure to reference the Data Management section to find out the reach of your desired segments for your given country. The more granular your segment is, the less reach. As a general rule of thumb, do not apply Contextual and Behavioral targeting on the same line item - as a workaround we recommend target each strategy on separate line items.

We have three different levels of Brand Safety offered through our partner, Grapeshot:

  • Standard

  • Very High

  • Custom

If you are applying brand safety to your campaign, it is best to apply the Standard level. With this level, you will be able to cover your basic brand safety needs without restricting delivery too much. Applying the Very High level, will run the risk of eliminating some premium news sites and other non-categorized inventory from the inventory pool, thus restricting scale even further.

In Teads Ad Manager, you are able to leverage website targeting in four different ways: Site lists, Website Tier, Website Category, and Website Language. To achieve optimal daily ad opportunities we recommend to only utilize either Site lists, Website Tier, or Website category and combine it with your intended Website language.

For site list application, the minimum number required to utilize a sitelist for your campaign is 30 websites, and maximum is 20,000 websites. We recommend to have at least 100 websites in your site list to ensure you will have enough inventory to deliver your campaign. As a reminder, you can upload and manage all your site lists through the Data Management module.

We bucket websites into three different tiers:

Premier tier will include only well renowned premium publishers, Select tier will include a blend of Tier 1 (Premier) and Tier 2 sites, and Reach tier will encompass our whole run of network. If tier targeting is applied, we recommend either applying Select or Reach tier so you have a healthy blend of premium inventory and scale to deliver your campaign needs.

IAB Level category targeting, websites are categorized based off the content taxonomy provided by IAB. To optimize for daily ad opportunities, we recommend using Teads Contextual instead since Teads contextual targets relevant articles as opposed to entire sites.

In the technology section, we offer three different ways to deliver your campaign based off the technical environment:

In this targeting section, we generally recommend leaving these fields open as targeting specific devices, operating systems, and browsers could severely minimize the daily ad opportunities for your line item.

Specific things to avoid

Avoid running on desktop only, about 80% of our inventory is mobile. Excluding mobile devices on your line item will severely minimize scale, so be sure to run your campaigns on cross-device and/or mobile as much as possible.

Specifically targeting any operating system and/or browser such as Google Chrome, or macOS will greatly hinder scale. Try to only utilize this targeting when it comes to performance optimization.

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