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This article provides insights into the impact of targeting parameters on daily ad opportunities & offers guidance on optimizing for scale.

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If your campaign is not scaling sufficiently, it is recommended to review your line item's targeting parameters to ensure they are not overly restrictive. To identify this, follow the following steps:

  1. Select your campaign from the campaign list home page

  2. Click to Edit Campaign

  3. Select the line item > click on the Targeting tile > click on Daily at the top right which will reveal Daily Reach and Daily Ad Opportunities

    • For definition of Reach and Ad opportunities, see here.

  4. Insufficient daily ad opportunities due to targeting limitations trigger a caution sign, indicating limited scale and potential delivery challenges for your line item.

  5. Check your targeting to ensure it is not too restrictive:

    • Audience

    • Inventory

      • Contextual & Behavioral Targeting: Recommended to apply Contextual and Behavioral targeting on separate line items to minimize scale issues.

      • Brand Safety: Apply the Standard brand safety level to cover basic needs without overly restricting delivery.

      • Site Lists: Ensure a minimum of 100 websites in your site list for sufficient inventory to deliver your campaign.

      • Website Tier: Apply either Select or Reach tier targeting for a balanced mix of premium inventory and scale to meet your campaign needs.

      • Website Category: Optimize daily ad opportunities by using Teads Contextual targeting, which targets relevant articles instead of entire sites, based on the content taxonomy provided by IAB.

      • Device: To maximize scale, it is recommended to run campaigns on cross-device and/or mobile platforms. Excluding mobile devices from your line item will significantly limit the available inventory, as approximately 80% of our inventory is mobile.

      • Operating systems & Browsers: Targeting specific operating systems and/or browsers, such as Google Chrome or macOS, can significantly limit scale. It is advisable to use this targeting only for performance optimization purposes.

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