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We have just released a new way to request support, much more efficient and streamlined than going through emails for instance.

The new workflow is now available directly in your campaign setup, you have the possibility to either

  1. Find the resources you need through our help center

  2. Reach out to us through our live chat

  3. (New) Raise a request to Teads

Everything is simpler now as through this workflow, the collaboration between you and Teads experts is reinforced, to facilitate your daily job and offer you a premium customer experience.

Your satisfaction is what matters the most to us, we will do our best to ensure a prompt delay of treatment.

Best practices on requesting support:

When reaching out for support, please make sure to detail as precisely as possible your need and what you expect from Teads.

For example:

Make sure to indicates the line(s) item ID concerned by your request

Specify as much as possible your challenge : delivery challenge, performance lower than expected, etc.

Give as much information as to what are the criteria that shall not be modified

If Teads needs any further information to proceed your request, we will reach out to you, either through the live chat, or directly through the workflow (example below)

You can follow up on your request status in the Request Hub, it is the place that centralize all the requests created for all your campaigns.


You can only create one request at a time on a given campaign. It is only when you "Acknowledge" a request that the request will be considered as "Closed" and that you will be able to create a new request.

If you are not happy with the changes applied, you can always "Reopen" a request you created on a specific topic.

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