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Teads Intercom is a Conversational Relationship Platform. It shows us who is using Teads Ad Manager and makes it easy to personally communicate with them with targeted content, behavior-driven messages, and conversational support.

Teads Intercom helps to provide direct and real-time customer support!

Direct Teads Messaging

With the integration of Teads Intercom into Teads Ad Manager, clients can now interact directly with a Teads Ad Manager expert in real-time. Clients have the ability to:

  • Ask questions

  • Provide feedback on the UI

  • Rate conversation satisfaction

  • Receive collateral

All within the Teads Ad Manager UI and not navigating away from the platform!

Search for Information

Clients can also search for relevant articles surrounding different topics and features within Teads Ad Manager directly in the Teads Intercom chat box upon logging into the Teads Ad Manager UI:

When you type in a keyword, the relevant articles will display then can select the given one to read. If you want to read more articles then can check them all out here at the Teads Help Center.

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