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TAM Request Support
TAM Request Support

This article provides a guide for sending and managing support requests.

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Introduction to TAM Request Support

This is a streamlined workflow to enhance campaign support from Teads experts.

By clicking Request Support on the bottom bar when setting up your campaign, you will be able to access the following:

  • Help Center: Find the resources you need

  • Ask for advice: Reach out to us through our live chat

  • Raise a request to Teads: To allow direct intervention on your campaign

Steps to raising a request

  1. At your campaign set-up page, click on Request Support > Raise a Request on the bottom bar.

  2. To expedite resolution, provide ample context and specific details. The more comprehensive your explanation, the better equipped Teads experts will be to offer an accurate and suitable response.

    • Include the line item ID(s) relevant to your request.

    • Specify your challenge, such as delivery issues or performance falling below expectations.

    • Provide detailed information regarding the criteria that should not be modified.

  3. After submitting your request, it will remain in a pending state until a Teads representative takes ownership and processes it.

    • You can edit or delete your request only when it is under 'pending' status.

    • If you need to provide more information, you can also reach out to us via Teads Intercom.

  4. When it is "in progress", Teads only has temporary rights on your campaign to make the necessary changes.

  5. Once processed, you will receive a response for acknowledgment, and the request will be marked as 'Resolved'. A summary of all the changes done will be available in the panel of the request support.

  6. If you are unsatisfied with the implemented changes, you have the option to Reopen a request you initiated for a specific topic. Alternatively, you may reach out to us via Teads Intercom.

Note: You can create only one request at a time for a specific campaign.

Request Hub

You can track the status of your requests in the Request Hub, which serves as a centralized location for all requests created across your campaigns. The summary of all changes done can be found here too.

The Request Hub is located at the top right of the panel when you click Request Support.

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