Position targeting: Smart 6

This articles will explain the position Smart 6

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Smart6 is tailored to enhance viewability and completion of 6-second creatives by leveraging the new player position: Smart6. This innovative concept combines our inArticle position and Smart position.

As users scroll past the creative, the smart position engages, allowing the creative to remain fixed at the top of the mobile screen for a maximum duration of 6 seconds. By utilizing this functionality, Smart6 aims to achieve optimal completion rates for video content, ensuring the best possible user experience without being intrusive.


  • Designed to maximize viewability and completion

  • Drive high ad recall

  • Optimized for mobile and desktop experience

Smart 6 - Demo link here

Note: On Branding campaigns, creatives that last 6 seconds will only run in smart 6 position when Automatic Position (available under targeting section) is selected

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