Supported Macros

In this article, you will find the supported macros & learn how to incorporate them and URL parameters into your URLs and 3rd party tags

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To better understand how effective your ads are, macros (also referred to as URL parameters) can be used in conjunction with web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics.

An example of an URL containing macros is shown below:

These macros can be used for Upper and Middle Funnel campaigns, and are supported for click-through and third-party tracking for creatives that are created within Creative Editor.

Supported Macros



Domain of the publisher where the ad was shown.


Name of the campaign that served the ad


ID of the campaign that served the ad.


Teads ID of the creative that served the ad


ID of the line item that served the ad


ID of the placement where your ad was served


Platform where the ad was served.It will return Desktop, mobile, tablet or SmartTV


A Teads unique identifier


UNIX timestamp of the selected event (click, impression, …)

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