Add Macros
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The following are our recommendations and best practices for using macros on the clickthrough (the same logic applies for third-party tracking)

  1. At Campaign > Line item> Creative level: Enter the URL where you want users to be redirected to. Once you've entered the URL, the "+MACROS" button will become available.

    For example:

  2. Click on the "+MACROS" button and choose the URL parameters you wish to add.

  3. Teads automatically recommends a structure for adding macros, such as campaign_id=[AD_ID], and appends utm_source=teads&utm_medium=referral.

  4. After adding all the macros you need, you can modify the structure to match your analytics requirements.

Caution: Avoid making any changes to the text enclosed within the brackets (i.e., the macros), as this could result in the macro ceasing to function properly.

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