Unique Viewers reporting

This article explains the metric for Unique Viewers as it has a specific behaviour.

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What is unique viewers

Unique Viewers represents the estimated number of unique Teads IDs exposed to the ad.

How to use unique viewers

Unique Viewers metric has a specific behaviour whereby it is only compatible with specific dimensions and metrics.

In order to generate a report with this metric (either through TAM Reporting Tab or API), ensure that you are selecting compatible dimensions and metrics along with it.

Dimension or Metric

Compatible Dimensions

Compatible Metrics

Unique Viewers

Advertiser ID

Advertiser name

Campaign budget

Campaign currency

Campaign external integration code

Campaign ID

Campaign name

Country code

Country name

Creative external integration code

Creative family

Creative ID

Creative name

Creative portfolio item

Creative size

Creative type



Line ID

Line item billable event

Line item budget

Line Item ID

Line item name

Line item targeting mode



Seat ID

Seat name

Website domain



Video completes

Video starts

Unique viewers


Video completion rate

Billable events

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