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In Teads Ad Manager, advertisers are able to set up Brand Suitability targeting to ensure the avoidance of content that is considered unsuitable for their brand. Teads have integrations with Integral Ad Science and Grapeshot, enabling advertisers to mirror their targeting rules, when measured by either of these providers.

Integral Ad Science

Key Benefits

  • Full alignment with IAS measurement

  • Maximizes reach by only blocking IAS unsuitable content (and nothing more)

  • Avoids wasting ad opportunities caused by IAS blocking tags

Key Details

With this targeting option, clients can replicate their IAS brand suitability profile (previously set within IAS platform to verify or block their impressions) by:

  • Selecting among 200 optimized IAS brand suitability segments in order to exclude certain topics (e.g. health, environment, politics), or

  • Entering their custom segments IDs previously created within the IAS platform from a custom brand suitability rule (e.g. specific content with negative sentiment) or a keywords list (e.g. competitors' names).

How to Setup IAS Brand Suitability Targeting?

Clients should only replicate pre-bid within Teads Ad Manager the targeting set for verification purposes within IAS platform. This is to ensure full alignment between the content filtered out pre-bid and the impressions verified with the IAS client's verification tags.

Step 1. From the client's IAS campaign setup report: Copy the brand suitability segments listed in the Context Control section:

IAS Brand Suitability Setup Report - Partner notification.png

Step 2: In Teads Ad Manager > Brand Safety > Brand Suitability section: Paste the IAS brand suitability segments IDs:

Please note that segment IDs must be between 1,000,002 and 1,999,999.

That's all! Topics related to these segments will be automatically avoided pre-bid on Teads' side.

Note about Keywords Segments

With this targeting option, clients can also enter the IDs of their keywords segments created within the IAS platform from a keywords list (e.g. competitors' names). To know if a client has set up such a segment, please check if the IAS Setup Report has "Keywords List Applied" set to "Yes":


The keyword segments IDs are not displayed in the IAS Setup Report or within IAS UI (only the last 4 digits are displayed in IAS UI, such as IAS_4172_KW). So please reach out to your IAS Contact or Teads Contact to retrieve the full keyword segment ID which must be between 1,000,002 and 1,499,999.


Key Benefits

  • Protect clients from unsuitable content

  • Full alignment with MOAT measurement

  • Maximizes reach by only blocking Grapeshot/MOAT unsuitable content (and nothing more)

Key Details

With this targeting option, clients can implement their brand suitability requirements using Grapeshot solution by selecting:

  • Standard brand suitability segments to exclude certain topics (e.g. diseases and conditions, gambling), or

  • Custom segments created by the Teads' Customer Experience team within Grapeshot platform. Note: in order to create new custom segments, please reach out to your Account Manager.

How to Setup Grapeshot Brand Suitability Targeting?

In the campaign set up view within the Teads Ad Manager platform, please go to Targeting > Brand Safety > Brand Suitability and use the dropdown to select the relevant standard and custom Grapeshot segments. Note:

  • Standard brand suitability segments are available to all seats.

  • Custom segment are available to the relevant seats only.

  • In Teads Ad Manager, logic operators (not in, all of, etc.) are automatically selected by the platform.

  • To add a custom segment to a TAM seat, please share the list of terms with your Teads Customer Experience Manager, who will ensure the creation of the segment and its availability within the relevant seat.

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