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A pixel is linked to an account and can be used to optimize your campaigns and measure their impact on your business activity.

But in some cases, you might want to delegate the management of your advertising campaigns to a third party, like an agency, for example.

In such cases, since you already set up and installed your pixel and events, you don't want your partner to do it again. This is the purpose of our pixel sharing feature. You can share your pixel and events to other accounts, allowing them to use your asset in their campaigns when they are set up on your behalf (something only agencies' accounts can do).

To share your pixel, go to the Event Manager tab, choose the pixel you want to share, and click on the Actions button; in the dropdown, click on Sharing.

You can enter the id of the account (Partner seat id) with whom you want to share your pixel and choose the level of access this account will benefit:

  • Read-Only mode: The account to whom the pixel is shared has access to the pixel and the conversions set up by the owner; he can use it in his campaign but cannot make any changes on the conversions.

  • Full Access grants pixel management rights: Accounts with access to the shared pixel can set up events; they have the same level of access as the owner.

You will also see all the accounts with whom you already shared your pixel and the level of access you granted for each.

If you don't want to share your pixel anymore with a specific account, you can revoke the sharing by clicking the cross on the left of the account's name.

A pixel can be shared from an advertiser to an agency or an agency to an advertiser. Sharing between advertisers or between agencies is not allowed.

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