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The more opportunities we have to reach someone at the right time in the right environment, the more chances we have to achieve your performance objectives: click, qualified visit, and soon leads.

This is why we will automatically activate this additional placement to deliver campaigns to any newly launched Traffic Acquisition campaigns and show you its added value.

Automatic Positions 300x250

This Is the beginning of Teads Liquid Demand for Performance! Thanks to Teads Creative Editor, we are able to use each element uploaded for the creation of our performance creatives (Single Image,Carousel, Single Video) to automatically create new rendering of our ads, including the one needed for Automatic Positions (300x250).

In Teads Ads Manager automatic placements positions will be automatically opted-in. You can however opt-out if needed.

The only rendering size supported today is 300x250, but we plan to extend support to additional sizes.


  1. Elastic inventory: Thanks to making our demand liquid, we are greatly increasing our overall reach, and as a consequence, we limit the risk of under-delivery.

  2. Automatic Placements inventory is mostly desktop, adding 12% Additional Reach

    • People convert more often using their desktop than their mobile device due to the UX (Better conversion rate on desktop vs mobile)

  3. More inventory = more flexibility = better outcomes and value for you


When creating an ad with the Creative Editor, the campaign will leverage by default inRead and out of articles positions.

This can be changed if needed in the targeting part of the campaign, under position:


The TAM dashboard already provides visibility on positions:

And in the reporting tool, you will have to select "Position" as a Dimension:

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