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Change Log on Teads Ad Manager Campaign

Within your TAM campaign, you have the ability to see the changes made throughout the entirety of the campaign to understand which changes were made when and by who. This is a great tool to check who is editing the campaign but also to see which changes helped your campaign to refer to on future campaigns.

You can access this information from the campaign page, by clicking on the Change history tab in the left menu:

The newest changes are at the top, and as you move down you go further back in history. The changes are grouped based on the time when they happened. You can easily expand or collapse the group in order to see the change details, or you can click on the Expand All button to see everything.

The system will record all the changes made to the campaign, including:

  • Date when the change was made

  • User that made the change

  • Campaign budgets, flight dates and pacing

  • Line item budgets, creative assignment, targeting and bidding

  • Creative updates

Please note: Both the new value as well as the old value are shown.

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