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Creating a Campaign with Both Paid Media & Added Value

‌When creating a new campaign the user can choose to use Added Value budget for the campaign, by selecting "Use Added Value for this Campaign" and inputting the Added Value Budget.

The Added Value budget supplements the Paid Value budget, making the Total Budget of the campaign the sum of Paid Budget + Added Value Budget.

Restrictions on Added Value Budget

  • The Added Value Budget cannot be more than 50% of the Paid Budget value (There is no automatic threshold in place, so you will need to ensure the AV budget does not exceed 50% of the paid budget).

Assigning Paid budget & Added Value budget to line items

Once the Added Value budget is added to the campaign, then you can distribute this budget across line items. One line item can either be fully paid or fully added value, as there is no way to combine paid + added value budget on the same line item.‌

  • You will be able to use both Lifetime or Daily budget settings, regardless if the line item is paid or added value.

  • If you activate the Dynamic Budget Allocation feature is active, the platform will respect the lines under their conditions, which means that it will optimize the budget between paid lines and, on the other side, will optimize the added value lines.

  • All the paid line items will stop delivering when the Paid Budget of the campaign has been reached.

  • All the added value line items will stop delivering when the Added Value Budget of the campaign has been reached.

Campaign Dashboard

In the TAM campaign dashboard, we show very clearly the added value budget that we have delivered. You can differentiate the added value amount delivered with the metrics budget delivered (it will show the added value amount delivered) and budget spent amount (should be zero for added value lines). Same if you pull and download a report:

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