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Troubleshooting Tag Discrepancies

At times, there can be discrepancies between 3rd party tags and what Teads Ad Manager is showing based on human error during implementation or a server to server discrepancy. If you are seeing a discrepancy of 10%+ then this is something to look into as a 10% discrepancy is an industry-standard and should not be alarmed if you are seeing 10% -.

How to check tags implemented in Teads Ad Manager

  • Navigate into your campaign dashboard (clicking on the campaign name and not the "edit" button)

  • Click into the "summary" tab:

  • Then click on the line item that the discrepant creative is attached to in order to expand the details of that line item.

  • Under the expanded line item, go to the creative section and click on the demo link:

  • This will open up the demo page that will show the billable and 3rd party pixels firing (Please note: The preview link in the creative library will not show the pixels firing but just show how the creative looks and how it will render in a live environment)

  • Note: The line item will need to be active in order to preview the creative and see the different pixels fire.

  • When on the demo page, open up the browsers debugging tool by right clicking and selecting "Inspect":

  • After the inspect tool is opened, navigate to the "network" section and re-load the demo page:

  • After the page is re-loaded and the creative appears the different tracking elements will begin to fire in order as they do fire.

  • Allow the creative to run until the event that is in question regarding the discrepancy. If it is on billable be sure to know what the billable event is on the line item the creative is attached to.

  • In the filter section on the debugging tool, filter by the 3rd party vendor, ex: "doubleclick" for DCM pixel to ensure it will fire:

  • Here, we can see the doubleclick impression pixel firing correctly, so need to ensure that it is firing at the same time as the correlated Teads tracking event:

  • In the above example. we can see the Teads Start (CPM billable event) is firing at the same time as the doubleclick impression (or billable) pixel fires showing that there is not a discrepancy between Teads and DCM.

How to rectify the discrepancy

  • Go to the creative library in your Teads Ad Manager campaign and click on "edit" the creative.

  • Look at the tracking section and ensure the 3rd party pixel is tied to the same event you are looking at in Teads reporting. (If DCM is put at start for a CPCV campaign, billables in TAM will much lower than the amount of data the DCM pixel is showing if the DCM pixel is attached to start or impression).

  • If it is implemented correctly, be sure to check the 3rd pixel within the browser to ensure it is active and returning a 1x1 when copy & pasting into a broswer and pressing enter to ensure it fires:

  • If it is correctly implemented and an active 3rd party pixel, please reach out to Teads via Teads Intercom to help troubleshoot. We are always here to help!

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