API Report Quotas

This article provides an overview of the quota mechanism implemented to safeguard the reporting functionality of Teads Ad Manager.

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API report quotas

There is a restriction on the number of reports you can run within a rolling 24-hour period. Once you reach this limit, you will be unable to initiate additional reports until new quotas become available.

Note: The limit is set to 75 reports run within a 24 hours period

If the provided limit does not meet your specific needs, please reach out to your Teads representative for further assistance, or contact us via Intercom.

The quota applies only to the generation of reports. You can still create and edit reports within the given limit. However, running the reports will be restricted until new quotas become available.

Affected Routes

POST: https://ads.teads.tv/api/reports/run
POST: https://ads.teads.tv/api/reports/:id/run

How to view your current usage and quota

By utilizing the API, you have the ability to retrieve information about the number of reports you have run within the previous sliding 24-hour period, as well as details about your remaining quota.

For more information on the API, see here.

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