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We would like to inform you that we are introducing some changes to Teads Universal Pixel and Conversions events setup.

Please find below more details regarding the updates, which are now live in Teads Ad Manager (enabled on March 28th, 2022).

Events update

Defining and tracking conversions on your website is important to measure Teads impact on your business. This also allows Teads to maximize the performance of your campaigns by improving the data points used by the Teads AI to optimize when to deliver ads to the right people at the right time.

Due to recent changes in the industry from Web Browsers, Operating Systems, Measurement technologies, Teads is updating its technology to be able to offer sustainable tracking & optimization.

We are adapting to the change by limiting our Standard Conversions Events list to 8 Priority Events & removing the ability to track custom conversions.

Here is the updated list of Teads Standard events:

  • Add To Cart

  • Add To Wishlist

  • Complete Registration

  • Initiate Checkout

  • Lead

  • Purchase

  • Search

  • View Content

Please note that your existing URL conversions will be automatically migrated to the corresponding standard event.

For the legacy event conversions directly triggered on your website, you will need to update them using a standard event instead.

After the release, you won't be able to use your legacy custom conversions in your future campaigns. Your existing campaigns won't be affected.

Pixel sharing feature update

Teads Pixel and associated conversions can be shared with one or multiple partner(s) such as your local agencies or teams, allowing you to deploy a single code on your website while offering the capability to your local partner/team to optimize their campaigns with it.

We are introducing 2 types of pixel access: Read Only and Full Access.

  • Read Only mode: The user to whom the pixel is shared has access to the pixel and the conversions setup by the owner; he can use it in his campaign but cannot make any changes on the conversions.

  • Full Access grants pixel management rights: Seats that have access to the shared pixel can setup standard events; they have the same level of access as the owner.

Teads Conversion Funnel Analytics is now automatic

Teads Ad Manager allows you now to automatically track any conversion events further than the visit post-click created with your campaigns, and attribute them to the delivery with the defined lookback window.

Instead of manually specifying which events require reporting at the campaign level, we will now report on every event/conversion setup.

The lookback window specified on this screen only applies to funnel analytics (secondary conversions), and is now defaulted to Post-click 7 / Post-view 1. The lookback window for the event Visit remains unchanged: Post-click 1 / Post-view 0.

Please note that it will no longer be possible to measure conversions when the objective is generating Clicks (CPC or CTR optimizations). This option remains only available for Visits.

If you want to learn more about Teads Pixel, please refer to our online documentation here.

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