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Automatic Position for Traffic Acquisition campaigns
Automatic Position for Traffic Acquisition campaigns

This article explains the benefits of using automatic position and provides guidance on how to utilize it in your campaign.

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Introduction to Automatic Position

Automatic position will allocate your ad sets budget across multiple placements based on where they are likely to perform best.

The more chances we have to reach potential customers at the right time and in the right environment, the higher the possibility of achieving campaign objectives, such as clicks, qualified visits, and conversions.

Example of 300x250 placement

Benefits of utilizing Automatic Position

  • By making our demand liquid through elastic inventory, we are significantly expanding our overall reach, which in turn reduces the likelihood of under-delivery.

  • Automatic Position inventory is largely desktop-based, providing an extra 12% of reach.

  • As conversion rates can be higher on desktop due to some site's user experience, this added inventory can lead to improved outcomes and value from campaigns.

  • Essentially, more inventory equals greater flexibility for the Teads Buying Engine, and in turn, better campaign outcomes.

How does Automatic Position work

With the aid of Teads Creative Editor, we can utilize every uploaded element for the creation of performance creatives such as Single Image, Carousel, and Single Video, to generate new renditions of our ads, including the required format for Automatic Positions (300x250).

Within your campaign in Teads Ads Manager, automatic placements positions will be automatically selected under Targeting > Position. However, you do have the option to opt-out if necessary.

The only rendering size supported today is 300x250, but we plan to extend support to additional sizes.

Creative formats supported for Automatic Position
This option only works in combination with Single Image, Single Video and Performance Carousel.

Reporting on Automatic Positions' performance

The performance based on positions can be found through the following:

  • From Teads Ads Manager campaign dashboard

    1. From Campaigns tab, select your campaign from the Campaign list.

    2. From the horizontal bar, you will be able to select Positions, which will show you the performance of each position your ad ran on.

  • From Reports tab

    1. Create a new report from the Reports tab

    2. Under Dimensions, search for Position and add it into your report

    3. After selecting all your necessary fields, click Save and run to generate your report.

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