Optimize Delivery for Branding Campaigns

This section will explain how to leverage Teads' AI and optimization tool to effectively optimize towards a specific KPI

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For Branding line items bidding on a CPM model, the Optimization for delivery option available in the bidding settings allows users to leverage Teads AI to deliver the most effective impressions to achieve a campaign's objectives.

The two optimization options are:

  • Completion Rate

  • Viewability (powered by MOAT)

It is also possible to set a target value to achieve for either one of these KPIs. However, it is recommended to allow the campaign to run for a few days initially in order to gather data on the chosen KPI. This data will provide insights to establish a threshold without unnecessarily limiting the campaign's scalability right from the beginning.

Caution: Setting a KPI value that is too high may limit spending for the line item as impressions that are unlikely to meet the specified KPI value will not be considered. If delivery is negatively impacted, consider reducing or removing the KPI value, increasing your bid, or loosening your targeting restrictions.

For campaigns with a guaranteed outcome, such as those using vCPM or CPCV bidding strategies, the optimization will automatically be focused on completion rate for CPCV and viewability for vCPM. No additional KPI optimization goal is required.

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