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Optimizations on Branding Media KPIs

Turning on the Optimization for delivery will enable line item optimization to choose the best-performing impressions to better reach your campaign goals through our AI-driven algorithm.

Optimization KPIs - Branding Campaigns:

Within a Branding Teads Ad Manager campaign, a user has the ability to select from three options to allow our AI to optimize toward the given main KPI, when selecting CPM as the biding strategy:

  • Completion Rate

  • Click-Through Rate

  • Viewability (powered by MOAT)

When selecting one of our guaranteed outcome bidding strategies (vCPM or CPCV) you are affectively optimizing for completion rate for CPCV and viewability for vCPM which is why the Optimization KPIs listed above are only available for CPM bid strategies.

Caution: Enter a minimum value for your KPI. We will not buy impressions that are not likely to match your KPI value. If your KPI value is too high then the line item might not scale the spend. To address this issue you can either reduce the KPI value, increase your bid or reduce your targeting restrictions.

Best practice: Let the campaign run for a few days to get a read on the KPI selected, then set a threshold off of that so scale is not very limited from the start.

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