Website conversions: Campaign best practices

Guidelines and best practices for successful Conversions campaigns

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Pixel deployment and events configuration

What is Teads Universal Pixel?

Teads Universal Pixel is a piece of Javascript code on your website that helps understand and optimize the effectiveness of your advertising and the actions people take on your website, like visiting a page or adding an item to their cart.

Key features:

  • Measure conversions

  • Optimize the delivery of your ads

  • Learn about your website traffic

  • Deliver outcomes

Events setup

We recommend to setup each of the 8 standard pixel events, in order to track each part of your marketing funnel and understand the end-to-end user journey:

Teads offers 8 standard events:

Click here to learn more about Teads standard events.

Campaign setup

How to setup a Website Conversions campaign?

To create a Conversions campaign, create a new Teads campaign, and select the “Conversion” tile in TaM.

Campaign setup will require you to do the following:

  • Define campaign settings

  • Upload Creatives

  • Specific Targeting criteria if needed

  • Choose the desired bidding strategy

General recommendation:

  • Campaign duration: 4+ weeks

  • CPA Target: $50 max

  • Total absolute daily conversion events: 50 /day

  • Budget: x10 CPA target /day

Additional recommendation for success:

  • Chrome only (browser targeting) to maximize attributed conversions (post-view & post-click)

  • One line item by device per country for more efficient reporting / optimization & piloting

  • Retargeting (excluding converters)

How to optimize?

Teads Conversions offers two types of optimisations. Maxime conversions while:

  • Minimizing your cost per action

  • Reaching a target cost per action


  • Adapt target CPA or / and bid by line item and by conversion type

  • Manual optimization on website on line item level

  • Check line item performance twice a week

  • Bid optimization best practice: Start with Minimize CPA & then move on to Target CPA

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