Integral Ad Science Brand Suitability
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We are thrilled to announce the launch of IAS Brand Suitability Targeting which avoids content classified as unsuitable by Integral Ad Science.

Key Benefits

  • Full alignment with IAS measurement

  • Maximizes reach by only blocking IAS unsuitable content (and nothing more)

  • Supports Quality Journalism by avoiding wasting ad opportunities caused by IAS blocking tags

Key Details

With this targeting option, clients can replicate their IAS brand suitability profile (previously set within IAS platform to verify or block their impressions) by:

  • Selecting among 200 optimized IAS brand suitability segments in order to exclude certain topics (e.g. health, environment, politics), or

  • Entering their custom segments IDs previously created within the IAS platform from a custom brand suitability rule (e.g. specific content with negative sentiment) or a keywords list (e.g. competitors' names).

Regions Available

All markets.

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