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Getting to the Reporting section

To get to the report section, click the 'Reports' tab at the top of the Teads Ad Manager page after logging in:

Here you can:

Filter Results: Filter these reports using the search box

New Report: Create a new report template

Creating a new report

Clicking on "New Report" will direct you to a page to create a new report template:

You will then need to fill out the below fields:

1) Name your report

2) Filter campaigns for which you want to generate a report

Please note: Not selecting a campaign means that the report will generate data for all the campaigns you have access to.

3) Add dimensions - definitions linked here

4) Add metrics - definitions linked here

5) Choose between generating a report manually or creating a recurrent one:

  • If you choose "Run now" you will need to set a "Start Date" and an "End Date." This can be amended for future reports

  • If you choose "Recurrent" you can create an automated report to be scheduled at regular intervals. For more info on generating automated reports please see the link here.

6) Optional: change the timezone by clicking on it then select the new timezone from the drop-down list

You can then save your new report:

SAVE AND RUN, save it in the report tab and then generate the first report within the report history

SAVE, save the report into the report tab without running it

Please note: The order of the dimension and metric 'chips' in the template dictates the order they'll appear in the rows and columns of the downloaded report. To adjust you can just drag and drop the 'chips' to rearrange them:

When creating a report the following limitations apply:

  • Report period cannot exceed 1 year.

  • Report period cannot exceed 3 months if using the hour dimension.

  • Report period cannot exceed 3 months if using a non-UTC (anything other than Etc/GMT+0) timezone.

  • "Website domain" dimension is not compatible with the following metrics: "Budget spent" and "Billable impressions".

Reporting Across Seats

We are now able to run a single custom report across all the seats where you have access - this makes it a lot easier to retrieve aggregated data.

When running a New Report, use the "Filter by seat" feature. By default the report will run on the seat in which you are logged in, but you can select one or more seats from the dropdown.

If you wish to run a report across all your seats, then either leave the "Filter by seat" filter empty or select all the seats from the dropdown.

PLEASE NOTE: For security reasons reports in a seat are now personal for each user and a report cannot be seen by their colleagues.

The feature also works with our Reporting API and is exposed using the ad_owner filter. This will make your reports a lot faster as you can aggregate all the seat data within one report.

Reports listing:

Report ID: Generated automatically

Report Name: Name given during report set-up

Date Range: Last retrieved period of data

Schedule: If scheduling has been allocated, this will display the frequency of the reporting and the time period this will be retrieved for

When hovering over a report template in the reports listing, you have 3 options:

View: access the Report History and details

Edit: amend settings of an existing report

Delete: remove the report from your seat's Reports listing

Reports history:

Here you can:

  • View and download all past versions of the report that have been generated

  • Get an overview of the report settings (scheduling / filters / dimensions / metrics).

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