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Cookieless Metrics in Reporting

Alongside being able to view your cookieless reach potential when setting up a campaign, you can now view cookieless delivery in all reports in your Teads Ad Manager seat, with the following two metrics.

  • Cookieless Impressions - displaying the volume of impressions that delivered using cookieless signals

  • Cookieless impressions Rate - the percentage of impressions that delivered using cookieless signals out of the total impressions delivered

These metrics will allow you to Understand:

  • Teads’ capacities to deliver in cookieless

  • Your campaign's level of dependency on cookies


- These metrics are available for all campaign activity. You do not need to set up a campaign to deliver fully in cookieless to retrieve this information

- The new metrics are only available from November 15th, 2022. Anything pulled before this date will display 0

How to find Cookieless Delivery Metrics within your reporting:

The metrics can be pulled for all campaigns in your TAM seat, in the Reporting tab:


The Cookieless Impressions Rate metric will appear in the default metric selection. You will need to search for cookieless impressions and add this to your report settings if you wish to have the number of cookieless impressions as well as the percentage

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