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Note: CTV is currently only available in the United States 🇺🇸.

CTV enables you to run video ads on Connected TVs to complement your branding strategy with an immersive ad experience.

Creating a CTV Line Item

If your seat is eligible to CTV, you will see two options when clicking on "Add Line" in a Branding campaign:

  • Web & Mobile App: the standard Line Item type to deliver video and display ads on web (mobile & desktop) and mobile applications.

  • CTV: a special type of Line Item to deliver your video ads on Connected TV.

By selecting CTV, the creative, targeting and bidding options will automatically be adapted to expose only the settings that are applicable to CTV.

Note: a branding campaign can include both CTV and Web & Mobile App line items. In this case, the frequency capping defined at the campaign level applies across all devices.

Budget and basic details

The basic details to set in a CTV line item are the same as in a standard Web & Mobile App line item: Name, Budget, Flight dates, Frequency Capping, Pacing, Ad scheduling.


See CTV compatible Creatives to learn more about the requirements for creatives to be eligible to run on Connected TV.

Please note for CTV creatives: Please reach out to your local Teads representative if you desire a Teads Studio-enhanced CTV creative and/or a QR code created by Teads to be implemented within your custom CTV creative.


The following targeting options are available for CTV:


United States, Mexico and Brazil.

Note: several levels of granularity are supported for CTV targeting (Country, State/Region, DMA/Metro Codes, City, ZIP/Postcodes).

Teads Audiences

Teads Audiences that can be found on CTV: age, gender, sociodemographic, interest, intent, past purchases.

Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences that can be created specifically for CTV in the Data Management section.

First Party Audiences

Teads supports 1st party data onboarding through Liveramp for CTV. Please reach out to your Enterprise Solution point of contact to coordinate the onboarding in our platform.


Allows you to include or exclude specific CTV applications in your targeting.

You can achieve this by targeting previously created app lists, or by directly adding apps to your line item targeting.

Targeting app lists

To use this feature, you must previously have created CTV App lists (either in the Data Management section, or by saving an app list from a CTV line item).

  1. Click on “App” in the targeting panel.

  2. Select “Include” or “Exclude” in the dropdown.

  3. Search for your CTV app lists in the “Search App Lists” field and select the desired app lists.

Targeting apps

  1. Click on “App” in the targeting panel.

  2. Click on the “+ Apps” icon next to the “Search App Lists” field. This will open a “New List” window.

  3. Select “Include” or “Exclude”.

  4. Search and select the CTV apps that you would like to target in the “Search Apps” field.

  5. Alternatively, you can type or paste a list of App Bundle IDs with line breaks directly in the text field.

  6. Click “Next” to validate your app selection. If some incorrect or unavailable bundle IDs were typed in the previous step, they will be automatically flagged and removed from the selection. Note that you have the option to “Save As List” if you want to save your app selection in order to target it faster on future campaigns.

  7. Click “Next” to apply your app targeting to the line item.

App category

Include or Exclude IAB categories that our CTV inventory is categorized against.

App Tier

  • Premier Tier: globally recognized publisher brands.

  • Select Tier: premier including regional and verticalized publisher brands.

  • Reach Tier: full inventory access for optimal scale.


The position of the ad in the CTV content stream:

  • Pre-roll: the ad runs before the content stream

  • Mid-roll: the ad runs during the content stream

  • Post-roll: the ad runs after the content steam


Two bidding models are available on CTV line items:

  • Start (CPM): you get charged when your video ad starts playing

  • Complete (CPCV): you get charged when your video ad plays until completion (regardless of the ad duration).

Additionally, you can choose to buy on a dynamic price or fixed price:

  • Dynamic price: you define your maximum price and let the platform optimize impression-per-impression.

  • Fixed price: you pay the price you set. You deliver a predictable number of outcomes, controlling pacing on outcomes & ad serving costs.

Note: in CTV, viewability and completion rates are usually between 90% and 100%. For this reason, CTV line items do not have an option to optimize for viewability and completion (unlike Web & Mobile App line items).

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