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The request support is now available in TAM interface, at campaign setup level.

You can now request support without leaving the interface, and have all the exchanges centralized at the same place.

Once sent, our team of experts will do their best to provide you with an answer the earliest.

Important: Please note that submitting a request will grant Teads team of expert a temporary edit access to the campaign in case we need to perform modifications on your campaign to resolve your request. Once the request has been addressed, you will find a summary of all changes in the panel of the request support, in your TAM campaign setup, where you send your request.

Step-by-step guide to submit a request at Teads

1- Open the "Request Support" at the bottom of your campaign setup page and click on "Raise a request".

2- Explain your need and provide as much context and details as possible to facilitate the resolution. The more detailed, the easiest it will be for Teads experts to provide the right answer.

3- Once your request is sent, it will be on a pending state till someone at Teads take over your request and treat it. Once treated, your request will be send back to you for acknowledgment and be closed.

You will be able to manage all your requests in the Request Hub.

Definition of the request state

Once you create a request it will be in an open state or "Pending" state, you can edit or delete your request as much as you can as long as it is in this state.

When in progress, your request is treated by Teads, you will be notified in your TAM account when the changes are done and applied.

Please note that Teads has only temporary rights on your campaign when treating your request.

The changes our team of expert are doing according to your request are automatically applied to your campaign.

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