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Cookieless Gauge for Standard Mode

With Cookieless already a reality across some browsers (Firefox, Safari), Teads Cookieless Gauge provides an expert view of estimated cookieless ad opportunities based on current targeting. The purpose of this is to:

  • Increase awareness of available cookieless inventory

  • Ease the cookieless transition

  • Guide delivery budgets towards cookieless solutions

To understand the cookieless potential leveraged, the planning gauge highlights the cookieless status of LOW or SUFFICIENT.

Click "LEARN MORE", to open a side panel for more details.

In the above case the volume of cookieless Ad Opportunities is sufficient. If the targeting in the set up has a low cookieless volume, the below message will display, containing some guidance and support materials to help optimize your set up for the cookieless world:

By clicking on the arrow next to Benchmark for Selected location, you will be able to see further details of the volume of inventory in your location that currently supports cookies vs cookieless:

Metrics explained:

  • Daily/ Monthly Ad Opportunities: Targetable Ad Opportunity potential. Volumes split by targetable cookie-based and cookieless ad opportunities

  • Benchmark For Selected Location: General ratio of inventory with ID supported vs without ID supported at location level (benchmark). Not considering any targeting criteria applied.

  • Notification/ cookieless status: find out if you need to leverage more cookieless ad opportunities. If the targeting set up does use a sufficient volume of cookieless ad opportunities, you will see the status is flagged as low, otherwise this will show as sufficient.

Teads Cookieless Gauge in the standard targeting mode will provide you with the tools to make informed and strategic targeting decisions in preparation for a Cookieless world. For additional support, Contact our Teads Data Expert to help guide you through Teads Cookieless solutions.

Note: Cookieless inventory is inventory that doesn’t support user identification for technical or legal reason (cookies, Mobile Advertising IDs).

Translate to Cookieless Option:

For Cookie-based Custom Audiences you will be able to quickly translate your audience, by clicking the “Translate to Cookieless” button.

This will automatically create a cookieless version of your Custom Audience within a targeting line using Teads Cookieless translator in the background, without needing to do this manually. The cookieless audience will automatically be added to your line item in seconds creating an OR condition with the existing cookie based custom audience, in order to gain incremental reach in cookieless environments.

Once complete, you should see an improvement in scale, and your cookieless volume should become “sufficient”.

You will also be able to view the level of incrementality (percentage points) that the new audience brings to your ad opportunity scale.

Note: This feature is currently only available for Custom Audiences, and will be grayed out for all other targeting options

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