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What is the new Recommended Bid Price feature?

The new Recommended Bid Price feature provides an automatic, pre-flight bid recommendation that corresponds to your line item’s setup. It is meant to make campaign setup faster (no need to guess an appropriate bid price or to ask your Teads contact), reduce under-delivery issues and enable you to reach the full breadth of your targeted inventory.

When is the Recommended Bid Price available?

The Recommended Bid Price is available for Branding campaigns, during the initial setup of a line item. Note: once a line item has started delivering, the recommendation is no longer available.

What buying modes are supported by the Recommended Bid Price feature?

The Recommended Bid Price is provided for all Branding buying modes: CPCV, vCPM, CPM. For CPCV and vCPM, it is automatically adjusted based on the selected number of seconds.

Where can I find the Recommended Bid Price in TAM?

When creating or editing a new Branding line item (before it starts delivering), the Recommended Bid Price is available in the Bidding section, below the Bid field. The recommended bid price can be applied in one click:

Why is Recommended Bid Price not available for Traffic Acquisition campaigns?

The algorithm that calculates the bid recommendations requires specific adjustments (e.g. taking bid strategies into account) to be useful on Traffic Acquisition campaigns. This will be addressed in future iterations.

Why is the Recommended Bid Price no longer available once the line item is activated?

This is a pre-flight bid recommendation based on your line item setup. It does not take your line item’s actual delivery into account.

How is the Recommended Bid Price calculated?

The Recommended Bid Price is calculated based on:

  • The line item’s targeting

  • The creative formats assigned to the line item

  • Historical auction data (bids, competition, clearing price) data from the past 30 days

Currently, the Recommended Bid Price does not take into account:

  • The line item’s budget and dates

  • The frequency capping

  • The ad delivery optimization goals (e.g. VTR, Viewability rate, CTR)

  • Other booked campaigns/line items that haven’t started running

The Recommended Bid Price is higher - or lower - than my previous clearing prices. Should I use it?

The Recommended Bid Price takes recent auction data into account, to reflect the current level of bid competition. It is also intended to let you reach the full breadth of your targeted inventory. For example, if your line item is targeting a site list, then the recommended bid price is designed to let you win auctions across all sites (not only those with the lowest - or highest - competition). For these reasons, the Recommended Bid Price might end up higher - or lower - than the average prices you previously observed, although the clearing price on each auction will remain based on the actual competition on that auction.

Note: if the bid recommendation happens to exceed the maximum price that you are willing to pay for a result (completed view, viewable impression, CPM etc.) then the value to set should be your maximum price.

I used the Recommended Bid Price, but my campaign is under-pacing. What should I do?

Your line item’s effective delivery may be influenced by factors that were not taken into account by our bid price recommendation (e.g. a particularly restrictive frequency capping or optimization goal, particularly big daily budget targets). In this case, we recommend using the Auction Report to understand what is limiting your delivery (targeting, optimization, bid price…) and adjust the line item’s setup accordingly.

I see a message saying "Insufficient data to make a bid recommendation", why is this happening?

To provide a reliable bid price recommendation, our algorithm requires a certain volume of recent auction data on your line item's targeting. In some cases where the line item's targeting is particularly narrow or uncommun (e.g. targeting a country that is rarely targeted in our platform), the algorithm will lack data to make a useful bid price suggestion.

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