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What tracking technologies are used for Performance measurement and optimization?

Basic functionalities such as Measurement and Optimization of conversion, bounce rate, and time on site rely on two main features:

  • Teads Click ID (auctid) forward through the creative's clickthrough URL Decoration

  • Usage of 1st party cookies on your website in combination with Teads’ pixel / tag

What is the purpose of setting up a cookie on your website?

It allows our platform and our algorithms to measure conversions, bounce rate, time on site related to the traffic coming from your ads. Therefore, we can provide exhaustive reporting and enhance the performance of your campaigns by optimizing with what has been observed.

What type of cookie is it?

We are using 2 first party cookies on the advertiser side.

  • TFPAI: This cookie is the one we introduced in Autumn 2021. TFPAI stands for Teads First Party Auction ID.

It allows the correlation of the click on an ad by a user, with the visit on a website by this user. The CLICK ID (AuctID) is transferred to the site via URL decoration, and its value stored in a cookie.

Lifespan is 30 days.

  • TFPSI: This cookie has been introduced in November 2022. TFPSI stands for Teads First Party Session ID.

It allows correlating all events of a user to form a session (independently from the fact that the user is coming from a Teads ad or not).This cookie allows a more precise and more reliable measure, and helps us improve our session metrics (qualified visits rate, pages viewed, etc.).

It is also helping us capture and categorize traffic in a better way (it is notably helping us understand how we are performing vs the competition).

It is auto-generated and has a 30 minutes lifespan. It can be renewed for 30 minutes.

Please note that his new cookie does not capture more information about the user than the TFPAI cookie.

Finally and in addition to these 1st party cookies, we can still leverage our "historical" 3rd party cookie (VID, called tt_viewer), dropped on the publisher side and used across all domains a user is visiting.

Will the cookie be set up only if the user has given his consent?

Pursuant to the main privacy regulations in Europe (ePrivacy and GDPR) and in the US (CCPA), you have to ensure that prior to placing Teads’ tracking technology on your website, the Users who visit his website have been provided with appropriate information and choice mechanisms to opt-in or opt-out (depending on the applicable regulation) or to withdraw consent. This information should also include the descriptions of how data is collected, how that information is being used and how it affects the User’s browsing experience, if data is being collected by or shared with third parties, and where Users can easily control their experience and exercise their rights.

Should Teads be listed as Partner on my website?

Yes. Here is the link to Teads’ privacy policy https://www.teads.com/privacy-policy/ and the information to be disclosed to the user: Teads will use tracking technologies as part of the ad serving services operated with the advertiser to measure ad conversion, bounce rate, time on site to inform advertisers about the traffic that Teads is sending over and to optimize conversion, bounce rate and time on site and improving its product.

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